Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Tech Evangelist

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I am a Software Engineer living somewhere in Accra - Ghana. I am building PenSyls, Seguah , Sylynder and KonWears at my freetime.

Currently teaching PHP to people who want to know how to use it at Heart of PHP.

And also trying to do the same on my podcast by talking about programming, starting from beginner concepts up to intermediate level here at Heart of Programming

I have worked on Peach Health Technologies (PeachMR), Documented Redde Online and it's SDKs and a simple website for my Mentor Dr Thomas Mensah, the Genius behind Fibre Optics Invention.

I love to teach and talk about technology (On Valley View University Radio, every Morning on [Let's Talk Tech]).

I speak PHP and Javascript. 😎

I break things and fix them back. I am weird.

I have my own thoughts on lots of things in this world. I'm not the type you will like to argue with, because, I am a talkative.

Catch me on a normal day learning new things, reading books, singing, or trying to create something new on my own.

I am a Black Genius. I am the right stuff.